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CelloStones Orchestra

Today is our first rehearsal day where our @cellostonesorchestra comes together.

Dear Emma, ​​who visited the art exhibition in our @sanatifyaklasimlar room where we rehearsed, asked permission to watch us, drew our picture and sat quietly in a corner.

She painted a picture of our orchestra with her angelic expression, his beautiful eyes smiling from the corner, and her black pen flowing from her beautiful inspiration.

After a pleasant conversation, when she showed me the picture he drew, my heart felt like it was going to explode.... I was very emotional... Because this was my dream🥰

I know it's a sign... and its meaning lies within me...😇🪽

At that moment, I neither asked about her Instagram account nor asked where and when I could see Emma again... I don't know...

She touched me, she touched me and it left... it left a very deep meaning in me...

Thank you Emma 💚🌿🙏

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